Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Heard the recently released Black Beauty and ...

the whole Reel to Real album (1975), which was the last Love album with the Love Monniker. It might be the hardest Love album to find to date. Not sure if it was ever transferred to DVD. My take: I liked both, although neither reaches the heights of Da Capo (at least the first side) or Forever Changes. Black Beauty seems to pick up where Vindicator (1972) left off. Very heavy, Hendrix-like guitar riffs. Many have stated that Lee would have been better off naming his post-Forever Changes albums as Arthur Lee and keep the Love name out, as many associate and expect the Forever Changes psychedelic music with spaced-out lyrics. Reel-to-Real was pretty damn good, although I did not like the redoing of "Singing Cowboy" from the great Love Four Sail album. It's pretty blues and soul all the way, with the same back up band from Black Beauty and  Lee does a great job. I really dug his tongue and cheek version of William Devaughn's "Be Thankful for What You Got." This is one underrated album.

I understand that the album sold so poorly that two years later, Lee had to take a job painting houses with his father-in-law. Such is life.

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