Thursday, September 27, 2012

Acceptance by Mikrokosmos Journal

Mikrokosmos Journal accepted a poem of mine titled "Tina Fey Lives Two Doors Down." It is affiliated with Witchata State University, and is a print publication.  

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nominated for Best of Net

The editor of Rose Red Review has nominated two of my Manga Girl Pieces for Best of the Net. And Drunken Monkeys has nominated one of my City of Love poems. That really makes my day. Will they win? Do they have a chance? I don't care. Being nominated is an award in itself.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Me reading some Manga Girl Pieces in East Village

I was invited by the new lit zine, Newer York, to read some pieces, along with other contributors. They really put on a great show, lots of performance art and a cool mime. It was held in a backroom of the Vig Bar in the East Village. My friend was there in attendence to lend support. Thank you, Lester! A true gentleman and scholar. Lots of talent in that room. Outside the streets were buzzing with so many people, many, I'm sure, who were there to catch the San Genero Festival. Later on, I got buzzed. Very buzzed.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Since my blog got hacked into

and I lost some of my saved stories on the pages--I will be posting work on the home page of this blog.

Shades of Blue

From Fiction Brigade, a great zine.

Shades of Blue
If you wish to turn something into blue,

think shady groves, the apple blossoms your grandmother spoke about with her eyes closed, calling you by a boy’s name. You never got to say Good-Bye. The door was already closed.

If you wish to turn something into sky blue, save up your old X-rays, showing the great transpositions of your organs, how your heart barely hung by wisteria vines, how the memory of cardiac shadows caused your three marriages to white out.

If you wish to turn something into deep blue, forget the swell and volume of your closets, rooms you’ve walked through, but never lived in, the pretty boys you slept with and then let go of in the morning, as if each other’s too expensive bird.

If you wish to turn something into black and blue, think of all the men who sleep alone, dreaming of the skeletons of their nannies, executed for seventeen variations of murder and sixteen aberrations of love.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Connotation Press accepts some micros of mine

Very happy that the immensely talented Meg Tuite accepted some micros of mine for Connotation Press. And by the way, the above pic is not a portrait of Meg. It's just a ...pic. And on a different note...

Last night, I went strolling in the East Village to check out the location of the Vig Bar, which is where I and others will be reading next Saturday for Newer York, a really cool new zine which happens to have print editions. A small place on the corner of Elizabeth St. (I think), nestled between Bowery and Lafyette, inside, some college aged East Village types (whatever that means, yes, very stereotyped) and some Suits. Anyway, I'm glad I found it. Lots of crazy pulsing life going on in the city last night (Thurs.)-- women dressed to kill,  the thump and grind of music spilling onto the street, the humid air carrying laughter and the scents of rosewater and orchard, young girls walking arm in arm, claiming sidewalk space, and on every corner another variety of small dog, big dog, exotic dog. I'll be dogged! I walked from midtown to East Village (Bowery) and back. Not a bad exercise for an old man who needs exercise. And wearing an old pair of sneakers that should have been thrown out long ago.  I stopped at McDonald's at 3:30 in the morning. New York City has a kind of eerie, surreal feel to it at that hour, almost like a ghost town. Needless to say, I spent the greater part of the day recooperating from a bad hangover. Was there a rock group with that name--Bad Hangover? Seems like there should be. Oh well.