Fish Bowl--Verb Sap --2005

Dreaming with Your Eyes Open--Rose and Thorn-2006

Girl and Dog-Apollo's Lyre--2007

The Ubiquity of Death-- Tryptich, 2007 (now closed)

Coma--Night Train Online--2007

The Bicycle Thief of Le Nieppe--Armchair Aesthete--2006

Poems. Inspiration and Giving up Issac in Four Volts magazine, issue thirteen

Cutter in Skive magazine, Oct. 2007

Poem. Aige in Delmarva Review, 2008

Poem, Bad Season in Neo Lampshadian Outpost, 2007

Winter Kills in Unlikely Stories, 2007

Poem. Urban Fairy Tale #13 in Apple Valley Review

My Date with Edgar Allen Poe in Pequin, Dec. 2007

Sci-fi story, DigiSolution--Aphelion, Nov, 2007

Saddam's Camel--The Shine Journal--2007

Don't Waste Your Love on Me--Night Train Online--Feb, 2008

If You See Nikki, Give Her My Love--Offcourse Literary Review--2007

Obituary--Sein und Werden--2007

Whatnots in Madhatter's Review--Feb, 2008, Issue 9

Trudy Says in Antimuse, Jan, 2007

Kansas Dream--Boston Literary Magazine, Spring 2007

Mousafa's Woman--Smokelong Quarterly-Spring 2007

Poem--Cream Puff Woman--Slow Trains--2007

They Don't Catch Colds in Texas-- Bewildering Stories, Issue 261, 2007, Part one and two.

Minnesota Flats in Insolent Rudder, 2007, Spring

You're Talking in Your Sleep--Menda City Review, 2007, Spring

Morecombe Bay (poem) in Amarillo Bay, 2007

Poem-The Japanese Businessman in Abyss and Apex, 2007

Tarantula Boy #1 and #2 in The Beat (May 2008)

The Homecoming (Flash) Vestal Review (Nov 2008)

Awards, Honorable Mentions, etc.

Yucatan (Juked, 2007) --chosen as a finalist in the Sundress Best of the Web

Chasing after Rudyard Kipling (flash, 2007) winner of the Between the Cracks short fiction contest

"Is There Life on Mars" (Juked, 2008)--nominated for a pushcart prize.

Water Woman (2007) picked as Editor's Choice in Cezanne's Carrot

Earth and Mars (2007) picked as story of the month in Long Story Short

Two poems listed as honorable mention in the Farrington Poetry contest (2007)

The Violinist's Complaint--honorable mention in the Binnacle Ultra short contest (June 2008)

Poems: Southside Girl recieved high commendation in Farrington poetry contest, 2008. Morning of the Announcement received commendation.

Van Gogh's Peach Tree--nominated for pushcart from Fissure magazine, 2009

The Make Over Bride--nominated for pushcart from The LA Review, 2009

2 Blind Birds--nominated for Story South Million Writers award from JMWW

Flash "The Colonel's Younger Lover," nominated for Best of the Net, 2010, by Sheldon Compton.

Flash: "Nine REasons Not to Kill Yourself East of St. Marks"-longlisted by Wigleaf for 2011

Flash: Cat People: Tales of Manhattan--nominated for Best of Net by Step Away Magazine


Short story: Is There Life on Mars? Juked--April 2008

Short story: Red Desert--Under Highway 99-April 2008

Three poems: City Heat, I Don't like Your God, On the Correlation of Metabolic Disorders . . .--Unlikely Stories, May 2008

Poem-The Violinist's Complaint, Right Hand Pointing, Summer 2008.

Identity Crisis, in Storyglossia, 2008, crime noir issue

Batman and Robin--Noo Journal, 2009

Flash Fiction: Eat a Peach-- in Ink, Sweat and Tears, early 2009.

Short Fiction: The Thrill of Sky Diving-- in Tenemos-Spring-2008

Women of Straw- in Niteblade Fiction, June 2008

Malcolm Returns Home from the War (flash)-- Thieves' Jargon--June 2008

"Dance with Me"--Ghoti, Fall 2008

"Before I was Born" and "The Saint of Lost Sailors" in
Arsenic Lobster--Dec. 2008

"If Justin Timberlake Calls . . ." in Spooky Boyfriend, Dec. 2008.

"Play-doh" to be pubbed in Ken*Again winter 2008-2009

Poem: Brad Pitt Gets It Right pubbed in Poor Mojo's Alamac, Oct. 2008

Poem: The Rule of Nines. in Pineapplewar, winter 2008.

Flash Fiction: Pigeons in Mudluscious (Dec.2008) and No More Tears in LitnImage (Jan.2009)

Poem:6:a.m. in Kill Poet Fall, 2008

Flash fiction--A Thousand Miles Away, in Dogplotz, Dec. 2008

Flash fiction--Dyslexia-- Elimae, early 2009

flash--What If I Told You--Tuesday Shorts--Dec, 2008

My Wife's Posse--short story-- Slow Trains--March, 2009

Flash-Jim Morrison Is Not Dead -- in Tulip. Jan. 2009

John Lennon (flash) The Northville Review (Feb. 2009) --nominated for Dzanc best of the web, 2010.

Flash--BLACKOUT-- in Gloom Cupboard, No. 77, 2009

Flash-Bad Hangover--Johnny America-Feb. 2009

Flower Drum and Persimmon Girl--in Salome, Feb. 2009

Ghost Towns of New Jersey--to be pubbed by Whortleberry press, 2009 anthology of mystery/detective fiction

Flash pieces--Pringles and I like Teresa Wright But I Love Ali McGraw--to be pubbed in Cella's Round Trip, March 2009

"Ghosts" in Microhorror, Jan. 2009

Flash--"Chinese Take-out" to be pubbed in The Smoking Poet, Feb. 2009.

Story: Ghost Towns of New Jersey in the printed anthology: Strange Mysteries, Whortleleaves Press.

Story: The Bicycle Thief of Le Nieppe, in Diane Smith's printed anthology: In the Silence of the Room.

Poem: "Before I Die in toledo," in 13 Miles from Cleveland, March 2009

Flash: The View from This Tree in The Legendary, Issue 3

Short Story: Buggy Betty Brings Blue Birch Beer in Juked, April, 2009

Be[tween a Railroad and a Hard Place] in WillowsWept Review, Spring, 2009.

Poems: Walking Backwards and The Last Days of Iowa Jones to be pubbed in Full of Crow, July 2009.

Flash Fiction: The Invasion of Poland, 1939. Up the Staircase, July 2009

Raccoon People in Riverbabble, June 2009

The Scoring of Anonymous Lovers upcoming in Pank, Jan. 2010

The Make-Over Bride in LA review, summer 2009 (nominated for pushcart)

The Bird Woman (short version) in The View From Here (summer 2009) (A longer and revised version of this story appears in The Lorelai Signal)

Poem, "Can't Keep a Good Man Down" in Zygote in my Coffee, Aug. 2009

The Man with the Crocodile Eyes--The Horror Zine, August, 2009

The Jaws of Life (flash)--Bent Pin Quarterly, Sept. 2009

Aphelia and Leigh--in Fried Chicken and Coffee, Sept. 2009

Ghost Koi in Foundling Review, Sept. 2009

How Death Takes Us--Shape of a Box, Issue 50, Sept. 2009, on youtube.

2 Blind Birds in JMWW, Sept. 2009

Fatty in Emprise Review (Nov. 2009)

Van Gogh's Peach Tree in Fissure (Nov 2009)-(nominated for pushcart)

2 poems in Literary Tonic (Oct. 2009)

Three related texts in The Catalonian Review, Oct. 2009

Two poems in Danse Macabre--Jan. 2010

"Burning in Pairs" (novelette) to be pubbed in The Battered Suitcase sometime in Spring, 2010.

The Mountains of Madness (flash) in FourLetterPapers, Nov. 2009

Poem, Tusk, in 13 Miles from Cleveland, Nov. 2009

Fiction, The Boomerang Boys, in Freedom Fiction Journal, Dec. 2009

Poem: MX369 in The Delinquent, Issue Ten, 2010, Jan.

Flash: The Origin of Sound, in Calliope Nerve, Dec. 2009

Flashes: Hot Days in Kansas and Uncle Flak forthcoming in Flash Magazine (UK) (Jan.2010)

Flash: Pirhanna Men and Cinnamon Girls, upcoming in A Capella Zoo, 2010

Poem: A Forecast for More Snow, upcoming in Journal of Truth or Consequence, 2010

Poem: Tuesday's Child, upcoming in the Liebamour Blog, and possible in an ebook anthology of poems dealing with mental illness.

Flash: The Problem of the Tortoise and Me, --Girls With Insurance, Dec. 2009

Flash: The Night Visitor, Fractured West, Winter 2010

Tiny, Falling Animals in The Legendary, Jan. 2010

Cinnebar and Catalpa, in Divine Dirt Quarterly, Dec. 2009

Flash in Apollo's Lyre, Dec. 2009

From Amazing Animal Facts, No.1 in Rumble Magazine, Jan.2010

three poems in Wilderness House Literary Review, Dec. 2009

Poem in Ophelia Street (Jan. 2010)

three poems in Lesser Flamingo (Jan, 2010)

Flash Fiction in Fractions, Issue 2, 2010.

Flash: The Arrival--Camroc Press, Jan. 2010

Flash piece: How the Night Slipped through Our Fingers, at Nano Fiction, Feb. 2010

Two flash pieces in Flash Magazine (UK)May/June 2010--Uncle Flak and Hot Days in Kansas.

two flashes in Lobster Cult, Feb. 2010

The Nixon Tapes, Part II, in Smokebox, March 2010

Flash fiction forthcoming in Medulla Review, July, 2010

two flash pieces forthcoming in Everyday Genius, March, 2010

You're Only Sleeping, in Unheard Magazine, Feb. 2010

Two poems up at Anastomoo, Feb. 2010 (handwritten)

Poem: One Good Day, in The Stray Branch, March 2010

Flash, Sequoia, Dark Recesses, March, 2010

Miranda Blue in Negative Suck (Feb. 2010)

Burning in Pairs in The Battered Suitcase (March, 2010)

Spotting a Zebra at Night --Honorable Mention in the ten-for-one contest

Fragments from a Soldier's Fiance-The Double Shiny, (March, 2010)

"Babyface" in Bastards and Whores, Issue 1

Pre-marital Root Beer Float” in issue 11 of the delinquent.

The Neo-Hegalian Outlook #5 in The Bicycle Review (April 19, 2010)

"The Three of Us Cannot Go On" in Daily Love (April 9, 2010)

"Letter to the Netizens of a Red Hot Justice" flash fiction, in Dog Eats Crow WorldApril 13 2010

Online chapbook, (Nine poems,) Hot Mamas and Little Gangstas, in Silk Ink press, Click Here

Poem in Deuce Coupe April, 28, 2010

Short story: Mother Mary in Verdad May 2010

Upcoming poem in Disingenuous Twaddle, 2010

Poem in The Maverick, Issue 2, May 2010

Poem in Clutching at Straws April 2010

Flash: Tiny Thieves, in Staccato Fiction May 2010.

Prose poem in Spilling Ink Review, June 2010

The Killing Floor in Short Story America May 21 2010

Poem in YB, Issue 3, May 2010

"Still Life with Assholes," in Sillymess

Poem in Technicolor Issue 1, 2010, Until the Lone Ranger Reveals He's a Drag Queen.

Flash Fiction upcoming in Lonesome Fowl,Issue 3

Poem in The Caper Journal, Issue 5, July 2010

Poem: The Junkies of Gethsemane pubbed in Camel Saloon, Click Here

Poem, Big City, in Amphibi.Us, July 21, 2010 Here

"Walrus and Blue Dream," to be pubbed in Kaleidotrope, a fantasy print magazine, late 2011

"The Laughing Skeleton," in Used Gravitrons, July 2010, Issue 2.

Flash Fiction, "Gertie," in Smokelong Quarterly, July 2010.

Poem, "SS Girlfriend," in Iron Fox, Aug/Sept, 2010

Short story, "Still Life," in Aurora Wolf, Sept. 2010.

Prose Poem, "Nine Reasons Not to Kill Yourself East of St. Marks," to be pubbed by Noo Weekly, August, 2010. Many thanks to Tom O'Connel for the invite.

Poems in Scythe, Issue 3, 2010.

Poems in The Ante Review, Sept. 2010.

"Strip Malls of New Jersey," in Underground Resistance, Issue 1.

Flash--"Helen Mirren," in Blip, Sept. 2010

Flash piece, "Last Night I Saw Virginia Woolf Walk Along the Thames," in Decomp, Oct. 2010.

Flash, "Missing Persons," forthcoming in Ranfurly Review, March, 2011

Three poems in Flutter magazine, Oct. 2010

Story, Blue Lagoon Eyes, in Magnolia Press, Issue one, Aug.2010

Flash Fiction in Milk Sugar Review, Issue 2, Oct. 2010.

Flash fiction, Esther and Virginia, in Blue River Review, Nov. 2010

"Elizabeth Singh Freaks Out in a Homeless Shelter on Avenue C" in Danse Macabre, Nov.2010

The Nixon Tapes, reprinted in The Dream People, Issue 34, Nov.2010

Sarah Palin (prose poem) in Literary Burlesque, Nov. 2010

2 poems in Rusty Truck, Nov.2010

2 poems in Used Furniture Review, Nov. 2010

2 poems in The Beatnik, Nov. 20, 2010
Flash: "tractus BubbleHead Logicus" in Berg Gausse 19, Dec. 2010

Poem, "Scam Diet," in Litsnack, Nov.27, 2011

Several poems in Thunderclap Press, Issue 4 (the Love Issue), Dec. 2010

Poem, "Buried Alive," forthcoming in Exercise Bowler, Spring 2011

two flash fictions: The Mayor of burbank and the Real Mayor of Burbank, and the Mayor of Burbank and the Problem with Mexico, in Metazen, Feb. 2011

Poem: True Confessions in Split Milk magazine, Issue five, Jan. 2011

flash fiction: The Wolves of Faustgarden in Nautilus Engine, Feb. 2011

Flash: Garuda's Goat in Six Tales Issue 1, Jan. 2011

Flash, "Mr. BubbleHead Has an Exciting Day," at Gold Wake Presss: Unscroll, Issue V, Jan. 2011.

Poem, True Confessions, Episode 6: A Dogwalker Gets Dogged. in Subtle Tea, jan.2011.

Prose piece, "A Train in Vain Is Like a Rock that Falls Upwards," in Dark Sky Magazine, Jan. 2011.
Primary Colors (Flash) in First Stop Fiction (Feb. 2011).

Hat Check (flash) in LittleLiterature (Issue 1, Jan.2011).

Flash: Frank Zane in Blue Fifth Review Issue1, Feb. 2011

Story: How Beethoven Composed the Fifth in Liquid Imagination Issue 8, Feb. 2011

Mean Streets #8 in Handful of Dust Issue 1, Feb 2011

Poem, Cat People #8 in blind Virgil Review, Feb. 2011

Flash fiction: "Marry Me," in DiddleDog, March, 2011

Flash, Plastic Flowers, in D.bin, March, 2011

Poems in NAP, March 2011

Two flash fictions in Nether, March 2011

Poem in Asphodel Madness 2, March 2011

He'll Always Be Tall in Your Eyes, Flash fiction in The Other Room, March 2011

Flash, Cat People #9: Tales of Manhattan, in Step Away Magazine, Issue 1, March 2011

Flash, Manhattan Love Story #1--The Dirty Napkin, April, 2011

Four poems in Gone Lawn, April, 2011

Poem, Dakota, in Semolina Pilchard, April, 2011

Flash Fiction: At the End of the World There Will Only Be Renegade Lovers-Weasel and Gun, April, 2011, Issue 3

Flash Fiction: Suicide Cats in Theory Train, May 15, 2011

The Brando Method Thing: Sal Mineo on Watching Brando at the Actors Studio (to be pubbed in Wigleaf, late summer, 2011)

"You Never Die in Wholes," to be pubbed by LA Review, Oct. 2011.

A flash piece: The Problem with Watching TV Reruns When You're Too Sober on Cold Pizza--in The Planet Formerly Known as Earth-August 2011

Four prose poems up at Winamop, Aug. 2011

Flash-"Strange Monsters" in Apocraypha and Abstraction, July 2011

3 poems at PressBoardPress-Aug 2011

3 flash pieces in Spittoon, Issue 1, Sept. 2011

Ninja in In Between Altered States Oct. 2011

Two poems in Defenestration, August 2011

Flash: Arthur Lee II, in And/Or, Vol. III


New Poetry Book published by Punkin Press called Fuzzy Logic

New online chapbook of poems and prose by Scars Publications called--Avenue C

A chapbook from Flutter Press: Amsterdam & Other Broken Love Songs. Around December, 2010.

Cat People by Scars Publications

Upcoming e-chapbook-Tokyo Girls in Science Fiction  to be pubbed by NAP

My Artwork is featured at Grey Sparrow Journal, Rem Magazine, Little Episodes, Apathy Is Easy, Hobo Pancakes, Shelf Life, Viral Cat, and Momo Reader South Jersey Underground, Issue Five and other places